BIA-M1052-1mg  Milbemycin A4

BIA-M1052-1mg Milbemycin A4
BIA-M1052-1mg Milbemycin A4
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Milbemycins are a family of macrocyclic lactones containing a spiroketal group, produced by Streptomyces hydroscopicus subsp. aureolarcrimosus. Like the closely related avermectins, milbemycins are thought to bind to glutamate-gated chloride channels, Milbemycin A4 is the dominant member of the group and is a highly selective and potent nematocide and insecticide.

This product is intended for in vitro research and educational experiments. It is  not suitable for clinical purposes and is not for human or veterinary use. Made by BioAustralis Sydney, Australia.



Quantity: 5 mg

Purity: >95%

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