Disk Electrodes  Voltammetric Electrodes for electrochemical research

Disk Electrodes Voltammetric Electrodes for electrochemical research
Disk Electrodes Voltammetric Electrodes for electrochemical research
  • Robust PEEK body
  • Organic solvent resistant
  • Miniature size for small sample volumes

eDAQ supplies a variety of
  • 1 mm diameter disk electrodes encased in 3 mm outer diameter (OD) diameter PEEK (polyetheretherketone) bodies, and
  • 3 mm diameter disk electrodes encased in 6 mm OD PEEK bodies.
They are ideal for electrochemical voltammetric experiments such as cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, etc, where they are used as a ‘working electrode’ connected to a potentiostat. 
The electrodes are very robust. PEEK is nearly as chemically inert as Teflon, but much tougher, so that the disk is less likely to separate from the electrode body.
The electrodes can be used in aqueous as well as most organic solvents (including methanol, ethanol, acetonitrile, dimethyl sulfoxide, dichloromethane, propylene carbonate, and tetrahydrofuran).
Cleaning instructions here.

1 mm Disk Materials, 3 mm OD PEEK body

  • ET074-1 Glassy Carbon Disk Electrode
  • ET074-3 Glassy Carbon Disk Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET075-1 Platinum Disk Electrode
  • ET075-3 Platinum Disk Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET076-1 Gold Disk Electrode
  • ET076-3 Gold Disk Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET079-1 Copper Disk Electrode
  • ET079-3 Copper Disk Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET087-1 Nickel Disk Electrode 
  • ET087-3 Nickel Disk Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET088-1 Silver Disk Electrode
  • ET088-3 Silver Disk Electrode (3 pack)

3 mm Disk Materials, 6 mm OD PEEK body

  • ET051-1 Glassy Carbon Disk Electrode
  • ET051-3 Glassy Carbon Disk Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET052-1 Platinum Disk Electrode
  • ET052-3 Platinum Disk Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET053-1 Gold Disk Electrode
  • ET053-3 Gold Disk Electrode (3 pack)

Several reference and auxiliary electrodes are also supplied:

Reference Electrodes

  • ET069-1 Ag/AgCl Leakless Reference Electrode
  • ET069-3 Ag/AgCl Leakless Reference Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET070 Hydroflex reversible hyrogen electrode (RHE)
  • ET072-1 Miniature Ag/AgCl Leakless Reference Electrode
  • ET072-3 Miniature Ag/AgCl Leakless Reference Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET073-1 Miniature Ag/AgCl Refillable Reference Electrode
  • ET073-3 Miniature Ag/AgCl Refillable Reference Electrode (3 pack)
  • ET054-1 Miniature Glass Body Ag/AgCl Refillable Reference Electrode
  • ET054-3 Miniature Glass Body Ag/AgCl Refillable Reference Electrode (3 pack)

Auxiliary/Counter Electrodes

  • ET078-1 Platinum-coated Titanium Wire, 70 mm
  • ET078-3 Platinum-coated Titanium Wire, 70 mm (3 pack)
  • ET086-1 Platinum-coated Titanium Wire, 150 mm
  • ET086-3 Platinum-coated Titanium Wire, 150 mm (3 pack)
  • ET055-1 Platinum Plate Electrode, 6.5 mm square
  • ET055-3 Platinum Plate Electrode,  6.5 mm square (3 pack)