EA025  Headstage Module

EA025 Headstage Module
EA025 Headstage Module
  • Use 1 to 8 Adapters inside the ER825 C4D multi-channel Detector
  • Allows connection of C4D headstage to ER825


The EA025 Headstage Module is required to connect a C4D headstage to an ER825 C4D multi-channel Detector.

It provides push-pull excitation frequencies from 10 kHz to 2 MHz, at amplitudes of 100 mV to 20 Vpp. Gain, filter settings and offset are all software controlled. In addition, it identifies the headstage type and settings.

Up to eight EA025 units can be fitted inside the one ER825 system.

  • Output Driver Single Ended: 20 Vpp sine wave  (100% range) with 50 mA max
  • Output Driver Differential: (optional) 40 Vpp effective  (100% range) with 50 mA max
  • Output Frequency: 10 kHz to 2 MHz
  • Amplitude stability: Better than 1:1000 (feedback control)
  • Input connector: 10 Pin Lemo equivalent
  • Headstage Amplifier: Programmable Gain Amplifier with x1, x10, x100 ranges
  • Input range: ±5 V
  • Offset range: ±5.5 V with ±10 V range from ER825 system
  • Drift RTI: [2 + 6/Gain]  µV/°C
  • Selectable Filters: No filter (unfiltered bandwidth 1000 Hz), 10 Hz and 1 Hz Low pass 3 pole Bessel