ER832  CellStatz Microbial Growth Analyser

ER832 CellStatz Microbial Growth Analyser
ER832 CellStatz Microbial Growth Analyser
  • Based on Capacitively-Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detection (C4D) technology.
  • Designed for using NORELL™ Standard Series™ NMR Tubes, 5 mm OD, 1.8-2.2 mL.
  • Designed for small conductivity change detection with high resolution.
  • Automated monitoring growth of uniformly and non-uniformly dispersed microorganisms in simple substrates (e.g. liquid culture media) and complex substrates (e.g. blood, yogurt, minced meat, sewage, and sludge) with real-time display of growth kinetics curves.
  • Zero consumables: The entire analysis process does not require microbial separation or purification, nor any physical, chemical, or biological additives or consumables.
  • A simple and user-friendly operating system that completes the entire analysis process automatically, with easy operation, good versatility, low application cost, and high accuracy.


Unit Price: $ (USD) 74000.00

The CellStatz Electronic Microbial Growth Analyzer is an intelligent research instrument that integrates constant temperature culture and real-time display of microbial growth processes. By non-invasively and continuously monitoring the capacitively coupled non-contact conductivity value of the system during microbial growth, the instrument can not only automatically generate growth curves with a time resolution of up to seconds but also automatically report the microbial growth rate and acceleration curve as well as the dynamic parameters on the curve. It is an ideal tool for efficient and accurate analysis of growth process information for bacteria, fungi, viruses, microalgae, cells, and other organisms.
Whether these microbial growth processes occur in simple matrices (such as culture media) or complex matrices (such as blood or sludge), the entire analysis process is fully automated, without the need for microbial separation and purification, as well as any physical, chemical, and biological aids and consumables. It has the characteristics of easy operation, good versatility, low application cost, and high accuracy, which can significantly improve the efficiency and input-output ratio of microbial growth-related research.

Research Areas

  • Medicine - such as the development of antimicrobial agents and antibiotic susceptibility testing in complex biological substrates
  • Clinical - such as rapid detection of bacteremia, physiological characteristics of pathogenic bacteria analysis, flow modulation
  • Food - such as fermentation conditions optimization, fermentation process monitoring, rapid colony count detection and the development of new material 
  • Environment  - such as the toxicological effects of nanomaterials, antibiotics and microplastics on environmental microorganisms
  • Industry - such as development of selective MEDIA, study of corrosion resistance in construction projects and waste degradation
  • Life - such as microbial related theory and engineering technology research, genetic engineering
  • Tests - such as biological measurements of vitamins, amino acids, antibiotics, disinfectant and toxins
  • Ecology - such as research on water treatment, biofilm and activated sludge treatment processes
  • Agriculture - such as rapid detection of pathogenic vibrio in aquaculture water, research and development of microecological agents

Application Notes




  • Power: 220V/250V AC. Cable supplied
  • Computer connection: USB, Type B socket. Cable supplied
  • Sample Volume: 1.8-2.2 mL


  • Input linear range 1: 0 to 20.000 mS/cm
  • Input linear range 2: 0 to 60.000 mS/cm
  • Calibration: Single or Double points (with CellStatz™ software or Tera-term software) 


  • Up to 125 mV per mS/cm conductivity change
  • Inter-channel Parallelism Error: RSD≤2.0%
  • Reproducibility Error: RSD≤1.2%

Multi-channel Data Analysis via CellStatz™

  • Normalisation and Calibration
  • Reference and Offset
  • 1st order and 2nd order derivative
  • Smoothing and Curve fitting (Polynomial, Gaussian and Gompertz)

Temperature range

  •  Range:10 to 60 ℃, accuracy +/-0.5 ℃

Applicable cell population

  • All uniformly or non-uniformly distributed bacteria, fungi and mircoalgae that can cause changes in dielectric conductivity (> 0.5 mS/cm) during growth




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© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple website by frogwebworks
© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple
website by frogwebworks