ET074-1  Glassy Carbon Disk Electrode

ET074-1 Glassy Carbon Disk Electrode
ET074-1 Glassy Carbon Disk Electrode
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This glassy carbon electrode is suitable for a variety of voltammetric experiments. It comprises a 3 mm OD PEEK tube that contains a 1 mm diameter glassy carbon disk at one end. This end is polished to a mirror finish. The disk is electrically connected to a 1 mm gold plated pin at the other end of the PEEK tube.

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is inert to most aqueous solutions including dilute acids and bases, and is also resistant to most organic solvents. It is not quite as inert as Teflon, but it holds its shape much better and will not easily separate from the embedded disk material.

This electrode can be used as a replacement for Cypress EE040, 1 mm glassy carbon disk electrode in PEEK.

Cleaning instructions here. Other disk materials available.

  • Glassy carbon disk: 1 mm diameter
  • Electrode dimensions: 3 mm diameter x 65 mm long
  • Connector: 1 mm gold plated pin
  • Electrode body: PEEK (polyetheretherketone)