ET083-40  Zensor SE100 SPE - Pack of 40

ET083-40 Zensor SE100 SPE - Pack of 40
ET083-40 Zensor SE100 SPE - Pack of 40
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These Zensor screen printed electrodes (SPEs) feature a carbon working disk electrode. They can be used as low cost disposable electrodes in aqueous solutions of moderate pH. Disposable SPEs can be used as an alternative to expensive glassy carbon or platinum electrodes for teaching experiments, or routinine analyses, where a clean reproducible surface would otherwise require time consuming electrode polishing.

A relatively large tab at the top of the SPE enable electrical contact with standard miniature alligator clips (no special cables required).

Not suitable for use with organic solvents, or concentrated acidic or basic aqueous solutions.


Development of a method for total plasma thiols measurement using a disposable screen-printed carbon electrode coupled with a MnO2 reactor. Chun-Yen Liao, and Jyh-Myng Zen, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 129, 896-902, 2008.

Voltammetric Peak Separation of Dopamine from Uric Acid in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid at Greater Than Ambient Solution Temperatures. Jyh-Myng Zen, Cheng-Teng Hsu, Yi-Lan Hsu, Jun-Wei Sue, and Eric D. Conte, Analytical Chemistry, 76, 4251–4255, 2004.

Flow Injection Analysis of Chloramphenicol by Using a Disposable Wall-Jet Ring Disk Carbon Electrode. Chun-Yen Liao, Chia-Chen Chang, Chyung Ay, and Jyh-Myng Zen, Electroanalysis, 19, 65–70, 2007.

  • Dimensions: 50 x 13 mm (h x w)
  • Working electrode: 5 mm diameter disk
  • Materials: graphitic carbon powder