ET090-40  Kanichi Carbon SPE - Pack of 40

ET090-40 Kanichi Carbon SPE - Pack of 40
ET090-40 Kanichi Carbon SPE - Pack of 40
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This SPE (screen printed electrode) features a graphitic carbon working electrode, along with a carbon auxiliary electrode and Ag/AgCl reference.

These electrodes are disposable and are meant to be replaced if fouling occurs. Each new electrode  affords a clean and reproducible surface.


Graphite screen printed electrodes for the electrochemical sensing of chromium(VI). Philip M. Hallam, Dimitrios K. Kampouris, Rashid O. Kadara and Craig E. Banks, Analyst, 135, 1947-1952, 2010.
Characterisation of commercially available electrochemical sensing platforms. Rashid O. Kadara, Norman Jenkinson, and Craig E. Banks, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 138, 556-562, 2009.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 40 mm
  • Working electrode: 3 mm diameter disk, particulate graphitic carbon
  • Reference electrode: Ag/Agcl
  • Auxiliary electrode: particulate graphitic carbon
  • Substrate material: plastic (unsuitable for aggressive organic solvents)

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