SDx-APP1  tethaPod Software

SDx-APP1 tethaPod Software
SDx-APP1 tethaPod Software


The tethaPod™ software enables Windows computers to collect data from a tethaPod (systems made up to April 2015). Signals from all the six chambers in the tethaPlate™ inserts can be monitored. Data can be copied and pasted to other software for further analysis or reporting, or saved in text format which can be read by spreadsheet or word processor software.

Data can be copied and pasted into spreadsheet software, or exported as a text file.


  1. The tethaPod software was supplied as part of a tethaPod system and not required to be ordered separately.
  2. This software has been superseded by tethaQuick software for tethaPod units made from May 2015.

Operating System: Windows XP, Widows Vista, or Windows 7

Important parameters collected include:

  • Gm membrane conductance
  • Rm membrane resistance
  • Cm membrane capacitance
  • Cs series capacitance

 Trademarks: tethaPod, tethaPatch, tethaPlate, and tethaPlasm are trademarks of SDx Tethered Membranes Pty Ltd.