Special Offers Kits and Bundles

Currently we have the following special deals on offer:

  ER461 EChem Startup System This system is ideal for those wanting to include voltammetric experiments in their undergraduate course, or for researchers who want a system for cyclic voltammetry.
  ER7004 Mega Teaching Kit This kit includes all the hardware (computer not included), software, electrodes and transducers required to quickly develop a wide range of exciting experiments for chemistry and biochemistry laboratory courses.
  ERZ102 EIS System Electrochemical Impedance System
  ER462 Mega Teaching kit Superseded by ER7004 Mega Teaching Kit
  ER7006 MultiSensor Teaching Kit The ultimate, flexible, reconfigurable precision lab instrument for sensors and biosensors teaching courses.
  ER818 Octal Contactless Conductivity System
  ER7162 Dual PicoStat Bundle High sensitivity potentiostat for use with carbon fibre and other microelectrodes. Features bipotentiostat and 4-electrode modes of operation.
  ER7005 QuadStat Bundle Bundle comprising e-corder 821, QuadStat, and Waveform Generator
  ERZ101 Advanced Electrochemistry System for EIS For most electrochemistry techniques including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).
  ER455 Microchip Electrophoresis Kit A complete system for microchip electrophoresis. For floating, pinched and gated injections.
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