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== [[Application Notes]] ==
== [[Application Notes]] ==
== Technical Notes ==
== [[Technical Notes]] ==
[[Using ecorder over internet]]
[[Using ecorder over internet]]
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[[How to Choose a Potentiostat]]
[[How to Choose a Potentiostat]]
== Screencast Training Videos ==
== [[Screencast Training Videos]] ==
==== Electrochemistry with EChem and Chart ====
==== Electrochemistry with EChem and Chart ====

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This Wiki site was created for discussion about eDAQ products and their uses, including helpful hints, technical notes, and application notes for teaching and research.

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Helpful Tips

Tethered Membranes

Application Notes

Technical Notes

Using ecorder over internet

Signal Sources and Amplifiers

How to Choose a Potentiostat

Screencast Training Videos

Electrochemistry with EChem and Chart


Check the Performance of the Potentiostat with Potentiostat Maintenance Check


How to Setup the EChem Software for Cyclic Voltammetry


How to Setup the Chart Software for Chronoamperometry

Galvanostat mode3.jpg

Using the eDAQ Potentiostat in Galvanostat Mode

Echem drawing baseline.jpg

How to Draw a Baseline and Integrate a Peak in the EChem Software


Overlaying Voltammograms in EChem Software


Computed Functions in EChem for Data Calculations and Smoothing


How to Copy and Paste EChem Data to Other Software

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) with the Z100

Z100 Loopback Test

Z100 Blank Test

ZMAN Basic Overview of ZMAN software

ZMAN1 Open a Data File

ZMAN2 Preview and Edit Data

ZMAN3 Kramers-Kronig Consistency

ZMAN4 Modeling

ZMAN5 Automatic Model Search

ZMAN6 Circular Fitting

Chart Software

Setting up the Software

Digital Outputs and the Event Manager

Stimulator Waveform Generator

Timed and Multiple Add to Data Pad

Converting Units

Units Conversion

Multipoint Calibration

pH Calibration

Analysing Data

Data Pad

Marker to Calculate Height of a Peak

Spectrum FFT

Baseline Adjustment Extension

Saving, Importing and Exporting Data

Copy and Paste Chart Data to Other Software

Chart Save As

Automatically Exporting Chart data into Excel

Open PowerChrom Data in the Chart Software

Chromatography with PowerChrom

Basic Settings

A Simple Analysis

Manually Integrate a Peak

Method and Calibration Tables

Overlaying Chromatographs

Copy and Paste Data to Other Softwares

Open a Chart Data File in PowerChrom Software

C4D for Capillary Electrophoresis and Microchip Electrophoresis

A Procedure for C4D Analysis in PowerChrom Software

A Procedure for C4D Analysis in Chart Software

The C4D Profiler in PowerChrom Software to Optimise C4D Settings

Using the C4D Detector Software to Control the ER125 C4D Detector

HV Sequencer to Trigger PowerChrom Software in Microchip Electrophoresis

A Procedure for Microchip Electrophoresis with C4D

SDx Tethered Membranes

How to assemble a tethaPlate cartridge

Making a tethered membrane

FIA Flow Injection Analysis

Integrate a Peak and Calibration Curve

Print a Report

Pod-Vu for isoPods

Serial Port Monitor