HP5890 GC with PowerChrom

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Figure 1. The PowerChrom System connected to the HP5890
Figure 2. Cable for connecting the signal and remote trigger from the GC to the PowerChrom unit
Figure 3. Signal output and Remote output

The PowerChrom System can record and analyse data from the Hewlett-Packard 5890 GC instrument.


The HP5890 Gas Chromatography (GC) instrument can be connected to either the PowerChrom System, or an e-corder. The PowerChrom software is then used to record and analyse the data. This can be used to upgrade a GC which is connected to an integrator.

Equipment Required

The following equipment is required to upgrade the HP5890:


  1. Remove the panel on the top surface of the GC, on the right hand side. You will find three twelve-pin connectors labelled Signal 1, Signal 2 and Remote.
  2. Connect the cables between the GC and the PowerChrom unit, connecting both the signal and trigger cables, as shown in Figure 3a and 3b.
  3. Turn on the GC and PowerChrom/e-corder unit, and open the PowerChrom software.
  4. In the PowerChrom software, set the Inject Settings to “Wait for Inject” and the Hardware Settings, Channel 1 Range to “1V “.
  5. You can test the system by either injecting a sample or by using the GC’s test signal. The test signal, consisting of three peaks, is started by typing the following key sequence into the GC’s front panel: “SIG 1”, “9” and “ENTER”. Pressing the “Start” key will then trigger the PowerChrom software to begin recording.