Ion Chromatographs with PowerChrom

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Figure 3. Metrohm 792 Basic IC with eDAQ C4D

The PowerChrom or e-corder can be connected to ion chromatography (IC) instruments. The C4D Amp can be added as a contactless conductivity detector.


Ion chromatographs that have an analog output can be connected to either the PowerChrom or e-corder unit. The PowerChrom software is then used to record and analyse the data.

The ion chromatograph’s “Inject” port can also be connected to the PowerChrom or e-corder, to trigger the start of recording.

Add the eDAQ C4D Amp and you can detect your analytes with contactless conductivity detection.

Ion Chromatography with C4D Detection

Figure 3 shows the e-corder and EA120 C4D Amp connected to the Metrohm 792 Basic IC instrument.

Conductivity detection can be used for virtually all charged species: inorganic anions and cations, as well as organic ions, such as carboxylic acids, amines, amino acids, peptides, proteins, DNA fragments, antibiotics and many other pharmaceutical compounds.

Figure 1a. The ER280 PowerChrom connected to the Metrohm 690 IC
Figure 1b. The analog output of the IC instrument and banana plugs to bare wires cable.
Figure 2. The e-corder is connected to the Dionex DX-100 ion chromatograph using a banana plugs to BNC cable.