Troubleshooting Connecting Front-End Amplifiers to the e-corder

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  • Refer to the manual for the amplifier, which can be downloaded from here. The manuals included detailed instructions on connecting to the e-corder with diagrams.
  • Check the I2C communications cable (the grey cable with 9 pin connectors on both ends) is connected to both the amplifier and the e-corder.
  • Verify correct BNC to BNC cable connections between the e-corder input and BNC on back of amplifier; some front ends require more than one BNC to BNC cable.
  • If the amplifier has an Instrument Connection Port Adaptor (EC025) at the back of it, make sure adaptor bar is pushed fully into the hardware unit.
  • Some amplifiers require external power, such as the ER125 C4D Detector, ER825 C4D multi-channel Detector and EA362 Dual Picostat.