This page provides links to Australian and New Zealand research groups with an interest in electrochemical techniques.

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Prof Sam Adeloju, Monash Unversity (Gippsland Campus)

Dr Leigh Aldous, University of New South Wales

A/Prof Damien Arrigan, Curtin University


Dr Stuart Bailey, Curtin University

A/Prof Murray Baker, University of Western Australia

Dr Keith Baronian, University of Canterbury

Prof Paul Bernhardt, University of Queensland

Dr Stephen Best, Melbourne University

Prof Alan Bond, Monash University

Dr Colette Boskovic, University of Melbourne


Dr Marie Cifuentes, Australian National University


Dr Deanna D'Alessandro, University of Sydney

A/Prof David Davey, University of South Australia

Prof Roland De Marco, University of the Sunshine Coast

Prof Alison Downard, University of Canterbury


Prof Maria Forsyth, Monash University


Prof Justin Gooding, University of New South Wales


Prof Simon Hall, Massey University

Prof D. Brynn Hibbert, University of New South Wales

Dr Conor Hogan, La Trobe University

Prof Greg Hope, Griffith University

Dr Mark Humphrey, Australian National University


Dr Peter Innis, University of Wollongong

Dr Touma Issa, Murdoch University


Dr Matthew Jeffrey, CSIRO

Prof Richard John, Griffith University (Gold Coast)


Prof Richard Keene, University of Adelaide


Prof Peter Lay, University of Sydney

Prof Paul Low, University of Western Australia

Prof Hua Kun Liu, University of Wollongong


Prof Doug MacFarlane, Monash University

Dr Manickam Sundaram,Murdoch University

Dr Lisa Martin, Monash University

Dr Jim McQuillan, University of Otago

Dr Gordon Miskelly, Auckland University

Dr Michael Mucalo, University of Waikato

Prof Paul Mulvaney, Melbourne University

Prof Keith Murray, Monash University


Prof Janusz Nowotny, University of Western Sydney


Dr Anthony O'Mullane, QUT


Dr Neil Pasco, Lincoln Ventures

Dr Will Price, University of Wollongong


A/Prof Stephen Ralph, University of Wollongong

Dr Michael Ridd, James Cook University

Prof Brian Robinson, University of Otago


Prof Joe Shapter, Flinders University

Dr Debbie Silvester-Dean, Curtin University

Prof Pritam Singh, Murdoch University

Prof Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, University of New South Wales

Prof. Leone Spiccia, Monash University

Prof. Geoffrey Spinks, University of Wollongong


Dr Vicky Vicente-Beckett, CQ University


Dr Stewart Walker, Flinders University

A/Prof Geoffrey Will, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Danny Wong, Macquarie University

Prof. Gordon Wallace, University of Wollongong

A/ Prof. Graham A. Wright, University of Auckland


Dr Chuan Zhao, University of New South Wales

Prof Huijun Zhao, Griffith University (Gold Coast)

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