The next meeting of the Division will be at the RACI National Centenary Congress, 23-28 July, 2017 in Melbourne. The Breyer Medal will be awarded to Professor Phil Bartlett of Southampton University, the Stokes Medal to Professor Huijun Zhao of Griffith University, and the Bond Medal to Dr Simone Ciampi also of Curtin University.


Previous meetings of the Division have been:

  • 20th Australian/New Zealand Electrochemistry Symposium (20ANZES) and ISE Satellite Student Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry, held 17th April 2016, at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Held in conjunction with the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry, and the International Society for Electrochemistry. Download flyer here. The A.M. Bond Medal for excellence by a young researcher was awarded to Dr Leigh Aldous (UNSW). Keynote Speakers were Prof. Ulrich Stimming (Newcastle University, UK) and Prof. Richard McCreery (University of Alberta, Canada). You can download the program and abstracts. This meeting was followed by the 19th Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (Electrochemistry at Modified Surfaces).

  • The  RACI National Congress, 7-12 December 2014 in Adelaide. The Breyer Medal was awarded to Prof Christian Amatore. and the Stokes Medal to Prof Allison Downard.
  • 19th Australian/New Zealand Electrochemistry Symposium (19ANZES), 26 November 2013, Ian Wark Lecture Theatre, CSIRO Central Precinct, Clayton, Melbourne.  Keynote speakers were Prof. David Williams from the University of Auckland, New Zealand and Prof. Julie Macpherson from the University of Warwick, UK. The 2013  A.M. Bond medal for excellence by a young researcher was awarded to Dr Debbie Silvester of Curtin University.  Download oral presentations here and poster presentations here.  This meeting was preceded by The Future of Australian Electrochemistry on 25 November 2013. This was an  ISE-sponsored student-focused meeting.
  • 18th Australian Electrochemistry Symposium held at Curtin University, Bentley Campus, Perth, Western Australia held on Sunday 15th April 2012. The symposium featured three award winning lectures by the 2012 recipients of the Electrochemistry Division’s Bryer, Stokes, and Bond medals. Download the proceedings here. The meeting was held back-to-back with the 10th International Society of Electrodchemistry (ISE) Spring Meeting, April 16-19. The theme of the meeting was "New approaches to nanostructuring electrodes for electroanalysis and energy storage".



Electrochemistry Division Medals

The Bruno Breyer Medal, for internationally-recognized contributions in the field of electrochemistry, the R.H. Stokes Medal, for distinguished research in the field of electrochemistry carried out mainly in Australia, and the A.M. Bond medal for excellence by a young researcher, are periodically awarded at meetings of the Division. Please forward nominations to the EDRACI Secretary.

Past medal awards:

20ANZES 17 April 2016, University of Auckland.
Bond Medallist:  Dr Leigh Aldous (UNSW)

RACI2014 RACI National Congress, Adelaide, 8-12 December 2014.
Breyer Medallist:  Prof Christian Amatore (ENS - Département de chimie, Paris France)
Stokes Medallist: Prof Allison Downard (University of Canterbury)

19ANZES 26 November 2013, CSIRO Clayton Campus.
Bond Medallist:  Dr Debbie Silvester (Curtin University)

18AES 15 April 2012, Curtin University,
Breyer Medallist: Professor Joseph Wang (University of California, San Diego).
Stokes Medallist: Professor Justin Gooding (University of New South Wales).
Inaugral Bond Medallist: Dr Jie Zhang (Monash University)

ACES Electromaterials Symposium, Wollongong, 9-11 February, 2011.
Stokes Medallist: Prof Sam Adeloju (Monash University, Gippsland Campus).

RACI 2010, 4-8 July 2010, Melbourne. The National Convention of the RACI.

13AEC, 24-28 September 2006, Perth. Held in conjunction with INTERACT2006
Breyer Medallist: Professor Richard Compton (Oxford University).
Stokes Medallist: Dr David Rand (CSIRO).

CONNECT 2005, 3-7 July, 2005. 12th National Convention of the RACI. Held at the Sydney Convention Centre.
Breyer Medallist: Professor Jean-Michel Saveant.

12AEC, 4-8 July, 2004, held at Conrad Jupiters on the Gold Coast in conjunction with INTERACT 2004
Breyer Medallist: Professor Alan MacDiarmid (University of Pennsylvania).
Stokes Medallist: Professor Gordon Wallace (University of Wollongong).

11AEC, 10-14 December, 2000, held at University of Western Sydney.
Breyer Medallist: Professor Frank Walsh (Southampton UK).
Stokes Medallist: Professor Stephen Fletcher (Loughborough UK).

10AEC, February, 1997, held at the Ramada Hotel, Gold Coast.
Breyer Medallist: Professor Royce Murray (University of North Carolina)
Stokes Medallist: Professor Ian Ritchie (Murdoch University)

9AEC, 1994, held at Wollongong University.
Breyer Medallist: H. Allen O. Hill 
Stokes Medallist: Barry J. Welch



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