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You can learn more about PowerChrom software by looking at the videos, application notes and manuals.

I am new to PowerChrom software. Where can I get started?

Have a look at this three minute video which shows a simple analysis. You can find more videos here. The application notes show how to connect some chromatography instruments to the PowerChrom hardware. Full details about the PowerChrom software and hardware can be found in our manuals. You can see research papers published using PowerChrom software by visiting this page and clicking the Applications tab.

How do I perform calibration in PowerChrom software?

The obvious answer is the PowerChrom Software manual which describes the calibration procedure. A video teaching about calibrations is available here. A sample calibration file can be downloaded here File:Calibration is performed in

Why can I see steps in my data instead of getting smooth curves?

It is likely that you have chosen a recording range which is too big and you are seeing digitization. If your peaks are only a few millivolts high, and you have left the default 10 volt range, you will see stepped peaks; the signal and peak areas will be inaccurate. You should select a recording range slightly higher than the largest signal you will record. Have a look at the Basics of Data Acquisition application note.

Why am I getting a noisy signal? / Why is there noise in my data?

There can be many reasons why you are getting noise. Have a look at this application note.

I have a problem with the software. What can I do?

The first thing to do is always to make sure you are using the latest version of the software. Visit the software download page and if there is a new version, download and install it. Your problem may have been solved in the new version.

You can then check the videos, application dates and manuals to see if your problem is explained in these.

PowerChrom Software Error Codes

When a PowerChrom system stops or crashes unexpectedly, a cryptic error message is often generated. This can be caused by a hardware error, software error, operating system action - for example an update, or a different software application running on the computer. These error messages are not always useful in identifying a fault and the eRRS Software (eDAQ Remote Reporting Software) is much more useful in identifying problems. The full list of error codes can be found here Full List of PowerChrom Software Error Codes.