Software for Electrochemistry Techniques

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Voltammetric techniques that require the current signal to be plotted versus potential most commonly use the EChem Software.

Techniques requiring that the current or potential signal be plotted versus time are typically performed with the Chart Software.

This table indicates which software is better suited for a particular technique.

Electrochemistry Technique EChem Software Chart Software
linear sweep voltammetry
- potentiodynamic polarization
- polarization resistance
- IV curve of a solar cell
differential pulse voltammetry
square wave voltammetry
normal (and reverse) pulse voltammetry
linear sweep stripping voltammetry
differential pulse stripping voltammetry
square wave stripping voltammetry
normal pulse stripping voltammetry
cyclic voltammetry
- cyclic potentiodynamic polarization scanning
multipulse voltammetry
- non-standard sampling for linear sweep voltammetry
- non-standard sampling for cyclic voltammetry
- cyclic square wave voltammetry
- cyclic differential pulse voltammetry
pulse amperometry
- differential pulse amperometry
- double pulse amperometry
- constant potential electrolysis
- differential normal pulse voltammetry
- double pulse voltammetry
potentiometric stripping analysis
controlled potential electrolysis
controlled current electrolysis
battery charge-discharge (galvanostatic and potentiostatic)
rotating ring disk electrodes *
quartz crystal microbalance *
amperometric detection (for chromatography)
monitoring of meters for biosensors, pH and ion selective electrodes, conductivity electrodes and dO2 sensors *
galvanostat mode
open circuit potential / open circuit voltage / high impedance voltmeter
closed circuit current / zero resistance ammeter

Additional third party equipment required *