EP356  Thermocouple isoPod™

EP356 Thermocouple isoPod™
EP356 Thermocouple isoPod™


An electrically isolated amplifier that is suitable for connection to most types of thermocouple probe. A raw millivolt mode also allows isolated measurements of small potential differences.

Electrical isolation ensures that temperature readings are not influenced by nearby current sources such as polarographic oxygen electrodes, or voltammetric electrodes.

Polynomial signal correction is performed for each thermocouple type ensuring accuracy at least as good as the probe specification.

Note that this unit must be used with an e-corder system or Integrated Potentiostat.

  • Thermocouple types: B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
  • Input socket: Miniature thermocouple type (copper)
  • ICMR: >140 dB
  • Isolation: >250 Vrms
  • Size:   108 x 58 x 35 mm;   200 g