Contactless Conductivity Detectors C4D

eDAQ supplies Capacitively-Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detectors (C4D) which can be used for capillary electrophoresis, microchip electrophoresis, chromatography and flow injection analysis.

Have a look at the videos and application notes. Read the introduction to C4D.

Put together your C4D system by selecting:

  • One C4D unit, depending on which software you wish to use and how many C4D channels are required, and
  • One or more C4D headstage/platform, depending on your application and which capillary/tubing/chip is being used.

All the C4D headstages/platforms work with each of the C4D units. If you have a novel application, look at our custom-made systems and contact us.


C4D Units

ER225  Contactless Conductivity C4D System ER225 C4D Data System
Includes PowerChrom software for data collection and analysis.
Has digital outputs and one analog input.
ER815 C4D Contactless Conductivity Detector ER815 C4D Detector Single-channel contactless conductivity detector.
ER825 C4D Multi-Channel Contactless Conductivity Detector ER825 C4D multi-channel Detector Record the conductivity at up to eight positions on a capillary or tubing.

C4D Headstages

ET120 Capillary Headstage 365 micro m ET120 Capillary Headstage Connection to 365 µm outer diameter capillary.
ET125 General Purpose C4D Monitor Headstage ET125 General Purpose C4D Monitor Headstage For tubing sizes 1/16 inch (1.59 mm) OD.
ET130 IC HPLC C4D Detector Headstage ET130 IC/HPLC C4D Detector Headstage For ion chromatography and flow injection analysis.
ET131 Configurable C4D Detector Monitor Headstage ET131 Configurable C4D Detector/Monitor Headstage Factory-configurable to meet customer defined applications.

Custom-made C4D Systems

C4DSPL  Custom-Made Contactless Conductivity Detectors C4DSPL Custom-Made C4D Contactless Conductivity Detectors designed for your application.
ER818  Octal Contactless Conductivity System ER818 Octal Contactless Conductivity System Measure conductivity in pipette tips, melting point tubes, NMR tubes or capillaries


C4D Platform for Microfluidic Chips

ET225 ET225 Microchip Electrophoresis Platform Platform for Micronit microfluidic chips ET145-4 and ET190-2.

 Microchip Electrophoresis with C4D

ER455 Quad HV Supply MCE System Bundle ER455 Microchip Electrophoresis Kit Complete system for microchip electrophoresis.
ER430 High Voltage Sequencer ER430 High Voltage Sequencer High-voltage supply for microchip electrophoresis.
ET145-4 45mm CE Microchip Kit ET145-4 45mm CE Microchips Four short Micronit microfluidic chips with integrated electrodes for C4D.
ET190-2  Micronit CE Chip for C4D (90 mm) ET190-2 90mm CE Microchips Two long Micronit microfluidic chips with integrated electrodes for C4D.
EC20 Standard Test Solutions for C4D Applications EC020 Standard Test Solutions for C4D Solutions for testing a C4D system in electrophoresis experiments.

Other C4D Products

EA025 Headstage Module Allows connection of C4D headstages to ER825.
EA010 GP Analog Input Module Allows connection of voltage signals and isoPods to ER825.
EC1208 Headstage cable with DIN connector Cable to connect headstages to ER225 (included with ER225).
EC1210 Headstage cable with LEMO connector Cable to connect headstages to ER815 and ER825 (included with ER815 and ER825).
EC230 High Voltage Cables SHV to Bare Platinum Wire, connects to ER430.

Software used with C4D

ES280 PowerChrom For the collection and analysis of capillary electrophoresis, microchip electrophoresis, HPLC and other chromatography-type data (included with ER225, ER815R and ER825R).
ES500 Chart & Scope For the collection and analysis of flow injection analysis data and conductivity monitoring applications (included with ER815C and ER825C).
ES770 C4D Profiler V2 Software to help you decide on the optimum operating parameters.
ES780 C4D Configurator Software to set up the operating parameters of ER815 and ER825 when configured with the serial firmware.
ES790 ER8x5 Converter and Updater Software to change the firmware of the ER815 and ER825 between serial and applications firmware.
ES430 QuadSequencer Used to control the ER430 High Voltage Sequencer.



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