Instruments for Teaching in Graduate and Undergraduate Laboratories

The e-corder and potentiostat recording systems are ideal for teaching. They can be used at all tertiary levels of chemistry / biochemistry / physics experimental courses to perform both simple and advanced experiments. No programming is required to develop applications and the software is easy to use, without compromising on features. Replace expensive, single-purpose analytical instruments with an e-corder or potentiostat system.

eChem Mega Teaching Kit Need equipment?
The Mega Teaching Kit includes all the hardware*, software and electrodes required to quickly develop a wide range of exciting experiments for chemistry and biochemistry laboratory courses. (*computer not included).
The EChem Startup System has the products required to for the electrochemistry teaching experiments below.
The MultiSensor Teaching Kit was developed to teach about sensors and biosensors.


Examples of experiments that can be performed using an e-corder or potentiostat (included with the eDAQ Mega Teaching Kit) include:

Application Notes

For application information on eDAQ's data recording equipment, download our application notes.

FREE Teaching Resources

Download the FREE Teaching Experiment resources available for most of the above applications. See the downloads box on the individual experiment pages above. (registration required, register now)



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