Warranty and Licensing


e-corder and PowerChrom are registered trademarks of eDAQ Pty Ltd. All eDAQ software, hardware, and documentation is protected by copyright. eDAQ retains the exclusive ownership of the trademarks and registered trademarks represented by its company name, logo, and product names.


You and any others using any eDAQ product agree to use it in a sensible manner for purposes for which it is suited, and agree to take responsibility for their actions and the results of their actions. If problems arise with an eDAQ product, eDAQ will make all reasonable efforts to fix them. This service may incur a charge, depending on the nature of the problem, and is subject to the other conditions in this Agreement.

Hardware Warranty

eDAQ Pty Ltd warrants eDAQ manufactured electronic products (e-corder, PowerChrom, modular and integrated potentiostats, C4D Detectors/Amps/headstages, isoPod units) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.
Out of Warranty repaired equipment is subject to a 3 months Parts and Labour warranty.
eDAQ Pty Ltd will repair or replace defective equipment as appropriate. Other products sold by eDAQ are coverered under their resepective manufacturer's warranty.
To obtain a warranty repair/replacement you must first notify us before return of the instrument and we will issue you with a RMA (return merchandise authority). You must ship the defective product at your expense. We will pay return shipping. The product should be packed safely (preferably in its original packaging) and have the RMA on the shipping label. Returns sent without a RMA may be refused delivery.
This warranty does not cover hardware that has:
  • been modified by the user in any way;
  • been subjected to unusual physical, electrical, or environmental stress. This includes damage due to faulty power sockets, inadequate earthing, or power spikes or surges;
  • been damaged because of incorrect wiring to ancillary equipment, or because of substandard, connectors or cables; or
  • had the original identification marks removed or altered.

Software License

A single user license gives you the non-exclusive right to use the supplied eDAQ software. Your employees or students, for example, are entitled to use it, provided they adhere to this agreement. Each separate purchase of an eDAQ software license allows it to be used on two computers at any given time (on one computer for data acquisition, and on a second computer for the analysis of existing data files). Although multiple copies of a program may exist on several computers, more than two copies must not be used simultaneously. Departmental/company licences are available if you wish to run more than two copies simultaneously.


eDAQ reserves the right to alter specifications of hardware and software without notice. No liability can be accepted for consequential damages resulting from use of eDAQ products.

© copyright 2002 - 2024   eDAQ - data recording made simple
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© copyright 2002 - 2024   eDAQ - data recording made simple
website by frogwebworks
© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple website by frogwebworks
© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple
website by frogwebworks