Laboratory Data Acquisition and Sensor Recording systems

1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 channel recorders: Mini-corder ER181C, Mini-corder ER180C, e-corder 410, e-corder 821, and e-corder 1621
e-corder and Mini-corder units are used for the collection, display and analysis of signals from many types of laboratory instruments. They connect to Windows computers via USB and are supplied with Chart and Scope software. See their comparative specifications here. Request price information.


Mini-corder Series

  • ER181C (1 input channel)
  • ER180C (2 input channels, with analog and digital outputs)

e-corder Series

Unlike many specialist data acquisition systems, e-corder and Mini-corder units can be used to collect data from completely different types of sources on different channels (e.g. pH, oxygen concentration, and temperature) because channel sensitivity and filtering is independently adjustable.

Replace your old chart recorders, XY plotters, or oscilloscopes with an e-corder or mini-corder to get all the benefits of the latest generation of computer technology in your laboratory.

Typical instruments used with e-corder and Mini-corder units include:

For more examples, see the research and teaching applications pages.

The e-corder and Mini-corder units can be used with most devices supplying an analog voltage signal of ±10 V.


eDAQ Amps- software controlled preamplifiers for the e-corders

eDAQ isoPods- miniature software controlled preamplifiers for the e-corders

PowerChrom software- chromatography software for e-corders and ER18x units

Flow Analysis system- for FIA and similar experiments for e-corders and ER18x units

EChem software- electroanalytical voltammetry software for the e-corders

Chart and Scope software (supplied as standard)


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