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Measuring the Conductivity of Melt Water from Arctic Ice Cores

eDAQ now has at least five research organisations using our C4D products to measure the conductivity of ice cores. Basically, researchers collect a tube of ice from a glacier for example, put it on a heating plate, and record the conductivity of the melt water using the C4D. The C4D technique is very good at recording the very low conductivity of the almost pure water. There is more information at the application note. The C4D can be used with other types of low-conductivity waters.
(16 Mar, 2020)

How to Setup the Chart Software for Chronoamperometry

This YouTube video shows how to use your potentiostat to apply a constant voltage while recording the current (chronoamperometry) in Chart software.
(16 Dec, 2019)

Monitoring Bacterial Growth using C4D

The eDAQ Capacitively-Coupled Contactless Conductivity Detector (C4D) has been used in an automatic electrical bacterial growth sensor (EBGS). The results of the growth rate of E. coli culture samples were more accurate than those obtained with optical density and contact conductivity methods. See the application note.
(19 Aug, 2019)

New High-Current Potentiostat

eDAQ has released the ER467 High Current Potentiostat. It measures from sub nanoamp up to 1 amp, suitable for a wide range of applications. The ER467 is a 4-electrode system with one working, one counter, and two reference electrodes, for the measurement of currents across membranes (4-electrode voltage clamp), or the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITES).
(8 Aug, 2019)

OEM Contactless Conductivity Detector for Manufacturers of Third-Party Instruments

The new ER815-OEM is a contactless conductivity detector (C4D) for manufacturers of third-party instruments. It adds C4D capability to capillary electrophoresis, microchip electrophoresis, HPLC, ion chromatography and flow injection analysis instruments.
(15 May, 2019)

Two Systems for Microchip Electrophoresis with C4D Detection

eDAQ now has two systems for microchip electrophoresis with C4D detection, the ER455 and ER490, see the C4D products page. The ER455 has C4D electrodes on the chips, while the ER490 has C4D electrodes on the platform.
(4 Feb, 2019)

Modular Ion Selective Electrodes

We have a new range of modular ion selective electrodes, see here. Buy the insert for the ion you want to measure. The modular design saves money and increases flexibility.
(17 Jan, 2019)

MINI Ion Selective Electrodes

Our range of new MINI Ion Selective Electrodes are designed for ultra-low volume samples. See the list of ions here.
(16 Jan, 2019)

EChem software and Chart software for Electrochemistry

Both EChem software and Chart software can be used with the potentiostat (eDAQ potentiostat or 3rd party potentiostats connected to the e-corder). This table indicates which software is better suited for a particular electrochemistry technique.
(27 Aug, 2018)

Galvanostat Mode

When the potentiostat is set to galvanostat mode, the current is controlled and the voltage is measured. It can be used in battery research or for electrodeposition techniques. This video shows how to set up your potentiostat to work in galvanostat mode.
(12 Jul, 2018)

Updated Privacy Policy

We take your security and privacy very seriously and we aim to make your experience with us entirely safe and problem free. Have a look at our Privacy Policy.
(28 May, 2018)

New Look Website

Our new website is designed to look as good on a mobile device like a smart phone as it does on a desktop computer. We now have a photo slider on our homepage.
(23 May, 2018)

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© copyright 2002 - 2024   eDAQ - data recording made simple
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© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple website by frogwebworks
© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple
website by frogwebworks