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Custom-Made Contactless Conductivity Detectors

eDAQ can manufacture C4D products (contactless conductivity detector) which are specifically designed for a customer’s application. Have a look at the advantages of C4D and previous customers here.
(10 Jan, 2018)

One Year Warranty

We provide a one year warranty on our products. For more information, please see the Warranty and Licensing page.
(5 Dec, 2017)

Download the eDAQ Catalog

We have added out catalog to the website. Download the small pdf (788KB) from here.
(26 Sep, 2017)

C4D Configurator Video

The C4D Configurator software is used to set the C4D settings on the ER815 and ER825, when they have the serial firmware (used with third-party software to record the signal). See the new video.
(21 Sep, 2017)

C4D Profiler V2 Video

The C4D Profiler V2 software is used to obtain the best C4D settings for the experiment. Using the optimum settings ensures the users gets the best sensitivity from their detector. See the 3 minute video.
(20 Sep, 2017)

Users can change the ER815 and ER825 firmware

The ER815 and ER825 detectors can now be configured by the user to change the firmware, so that they work with either third-party software (using serial firmware) or eDAQ software like PowerChrom or Chart software (using applications firmware). More information here.
(15 Sep, 2017)


We have launched the Mini-corders. These lower-cost data recorders come with the same powerful Chart software as the e-corders. They come with one or two channels.
(21 Jun, 2017)

Leakless Ag/AgCl Miniature Reference Electrode

The simple ET072 Leakless Ag/AgCl Miniature Reference Electrode has been selling like hot cakes. Customers seem to be finding this electrode very useful for different applications. You can also buy the 3-pack which has a discounted price.
(21 Jun, 2017)

Troubleshooting Drivers

If you have any issues with getting the eDAQ hardware to communicate with your computer, this new application note may be able to help.
(21 Jun, 2017)

Anodic Stripping Voltammetry Help

The application note covering Anodic Stripping Voltammetry gives hints and tips describing some common problems that researchers can encounter with this electrochemistry technique.
(21 Mar, 2017)

New Kit for Sensors and Biosensors Teaching

We’ve launched a new kit for teaching students about sensors and biosensors used in chemistry and biochemistry, like pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, voltage and amperometric sensors. The kit includes the isoPod, the electrodes and the software.
(19 Dec, 2016)

Measuring the Conductivity of a Liquid in a Pipette Tip

We now have a couple of customers using new ER818 Octal Contactless Conductivity System for measuring the conductivity of a liquid in a pipette tip. The robot picks up the pipette tip, places it into the ET128 headstage and the conductivity is recorded without the liquid ever leaving the pipette tip. We also have a customer using the ET128 for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), a low cost method single tube technique for the amplification of DNA. The ET128 can record conductivities in either 8 pipette tips, melting point tubes, NMR tubes or capillaries, with low volume samples, low waste and no cross contamination.
(19 Dec, 2016)

Chart software for Windows 10

A new version of Chart software (v5.5.20) has been uploaded to the software downloads page. This version fixes a bug introduced by Microsoft in the Windows 10 "Anniversary Update", which started being sent to computers on the 2nd of August 2016. After updating Windows, Chart can no longer run, instead displaying an error about a missing DLL "ext-ms-win-gdi-desktop-l1-1-0.dll". This is the only change in this version of Chart software and this new version is required if you are using Windows 10.
(29 Aug, 2016)

C4D with the CE instrument from WynSep

Read the new application note to learn how to connect the contactless conductivity detector to the capillary electrophoresis instrument from WynSep. A number of applications are also shown.
(25 May, 2016)

Release of a Four-Channel High Voltage Sequencer

We now have a ER430 High Voltage Sequencer with four channels for microchip electrophoresis applications. Comes with QuadSequencer Software to create a sequence of voltage steps or can be used with custom-written software such as LabVIEW, Connect, WinWedge or HyperTerminal.
(6 May, 2016)

Quad Multi-Function isoPod

Our new EPU452 is a four channel meter that records temperature, pH, conductivity, conductivity, voltage, dissolved oxygen or be used with biosensors. It comes with Pod-Vu software or can be used with your own software like LabVIEW, Tera Term or WinWedge.
(18 Mar, 2016)

New Voltammetric Electrodes

A new range of 3 mm disk voltammetric working electrodes in platinum, gold, and glassy carbon as been introduced along with a matching platinum plate auxiliary electrode and refillable Ag/AgCl reference electrode. These complement our existing 1 mm disk electrodes.
(1 Jun, 2015)

Reference electrode potentials

See our new note that describes common reference electrodes and lists their potentials!
(12 Aug, 2014)

New PowerChrom 180 and 181 Systems

Our chromatography systems are now based around the new PowerChrom 180 and 181 hardware units. These small data processing units are more compact than their PowerChrom 280 predecessor, and are powered by the USB computer connection.
(1 Mar, 2014)

New isoPods video

See the new video showing the isoPods for recording temperature, pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.
(31 Dec, 2013)

New EChem Startup System video

View our new training video covering the ER461 EChem Startup System for electrochemistry.
(31 Dec, 2013)

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