EPU353  pH/ISE isoPod™ with USB

EPU353 pH/ISE isoPod™  with USB
EPU353 pH/ISE isoPod™ with USB


  • Works with most pH and ion selective electrodes
  • Direct USB connection to computer
  • Graphic and tabular display with Pod-Vu software
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A compact signal conditioner for use with pH, ion selective, and oxidation/reduction potentiometric (ORP) electrodes. Can also be used as a high impedance voltmeter/electrometer between ±2 V.

Electrical isolation ensures that readings are not influenced by nearby current sources such as polarographic oxygen electrodes, or voltammetric electrodes.

Connects directly to computer USB port, or via a USB hub, and uses eDAQ Pod-Vu software to log and graph signals directly to a Windows XP or later computer.

Note that Pod-Vu software is shipped with USB isoPods and can be used without a license with a single isoPod. You must purchase a license to use Pod-Vu software with two or more isoPod units on a single computer.

Customised software

You can also write your own recording, or process control, software using  the 'virtual serial protocol' provided over the isoPod's USB interface.  The serial protocol can be accessed by:

  • writing your own software, for example in LabView, C#, Visual Basic, etc.
  • terminal emulation software compatible with serial (COM) ports, eg TeraTermHyperTerminal.
  • other serial (COM) port compatible software that can log responses into a file or Excel document, eg WinWedgeHyperAccess.


The isoPods for Recording Temperature, pH, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen
Serial Port Monitor for hardware which use serial ports (isoPods, HVS)

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  • Input Socket:   BNC
  • Ranges:   200 mV (3.6 – 10.4 pH), 2 V (more than 0 – 14 pH)
  • Input Impedance: > 1013 ohm
  • Resolution: < 0.1 mV,   < 0.001 pH
  • Isolation: > 250 Vrms
  • Size:   108 x 58 x 35 mm;   200 g

More Information

EPU353_pH_ISE_USB_isoPod (210 KB PDF)

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