ES350  Pod-Vu Software

ES350 Pod-Vu Software
ES350 Pod-Vu Software
  1. Preview of signals from the isoPods™
  2. Selectable gain ranges (sensitivity)
  3. Units conversions
  4. Signal Zeroing
  5. Setting data recording speeds
  6. Sensor/Electrode Calibration
  7. Start and Stop of recording
  8. Y-Axis Scaling
  9. Copy and Paste of signals or data
  10. Fixed duration recording
  11. Signal Zoom
Unit Price: $ (USD) 275.00


Pod-Vu software enables Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 through 10 computers to calibrate and display signals from any eDAQ USB isoPod. Signals from up to 8 isoPod channels can be monitored and logged to hard disk. USB isoPods are available to monitor signals from:

  • thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs
  • pH, ion selective, and ORP (oxidation/reduction potentiometric) electrodes
  • 2-electrode conductivity cells
  • dissolved oxygen polarographic electrodes
  • nitric oxide electrodes
  • amperometric biosensors

The latest version of Pod-Vu can be downloaded here. Note that Pod-Vu software is shipped with USB isoPods and can be used without a license with a single isoPod. You must purchase a license to use Pod-Vu software with two or more isoPod units on a single computer.

  • Data acquisition speeds: 1 /s to 10 /h
  • Display: 1 to 8 channels, tabular and graphic
  • Windows OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Saved data format: Pod-Vu native format, or space delimited ASCII text (suitable for Excel, etc)
  • Graphic Y-axis scaling: Full scale, autoscaling, user selected limits
  • Communication: USB virtual serial port