ER175  Waveform Generator

ER175 Waveform Generator
ER175 Waveform Generator
  • Virtual serial port operation
  • Programmable ramps and pulses
  • Manual pause/resume/reverse controls
  • Compatible with many brands of potentiostat
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The Waveform Generator has been designed to produce pulses, ramps, as well as triangular and sinusoidal signals that can be sent to a potentiostat to faciliate various electrochemical experiments.

Unlike most other function generators, a triangular waveform can be started anywhere between its upper and lower limits. Also the ramp can be paused at its instantaneous value or reversed by manual interaction, much as could be done with old style analog potentiostats, when characterising a new compound.

Highly stable low speed ramps are particularly useful for corrosion experiments, or solid state electrochemistry.

The unit is compatible with eDAQ e-corder and Chart software

When connected directly to a computer USB port (or via a USB hub) the unit and appears on a virtual serial port (COM3, COM4, etc). It now acts as a programmable ramp/pulse generator, using a serial protocol compatible with LabVIEW, HyperTerminal, or your own user-written software.

  • Selective Detection of Dopamine against Ascorbic Acid Interference Using 3D Carbon Interdigitated Electrode Arrays. Rahul Kamatha and Marc J Madoub, ECS Transactions,  61, 65–73, 2014. doi: 10.1149/06107.0065ecst
  • Three-Dimensional Carbon Interdigitated Electrode Arrays for Redox-Amplification.  Rahul R. Kamath, and Marc J. Madou,  Analytical Chemistry, 86, 2963–2971, 2014.  doi: 10.1021/ac4033356

  • Output signal:  ±10 V maximum
  • Waveforms: DC sequences, pulses, ramp, triangular, sine
  • Sweep rates:  < 1 mV/h to 1 V/s (0.1 mV steps) or to 10 V/s (1 mV steps)
  • Minimum time increment: 100 μs
  • Minimum potential increment: 5 μV
  • Manual controls: Start/Stop, Pause/Resume, Reverse 

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