ER7005  QuadStat Bundle

ER7005 QuadStat Bundle
ER7005 QuadStat Bundle
  • Four-channel potentiostat 10mA to 20pA range
  • Separate/common reference and auxiliary electrodes
  • Ideal for amperometric biosensors, microbial fuel cells, photovoltaic materials and neurochemistry


A four channel potentiostat system ideal for amperometric biosensors, microbial fuel cells, small solar cells, and similar electrochemical research where replicate samples need to be measured simultaneously. This bundle replaces product ER864.

This specially priced bundle comprises:

Research Areas

Application Notes


  • Selective Detection of Dopamine against Ascorbic Acid Interference Using 3D Carbon Interdigitated Electrode Arrays. Rahul Kamatha and Marc J Madoub, ECS Transactions,  61, 65–73, 2014. doi: 10.1149/06107.0065ecst
  • Diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin film bioelectrodes: Effect of thermal post-treatments and the use of Ti adhesion layer. Tomi Laurila, Antti Rautiainen, Sakari Sintonen, Hua Jiang, Emilia Kaivosoja, Jari Koskinen, 34, 446–454, 2014. doi: 10.1016/j.msec.2013.09.035
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QuadStat highlight specifications (see brochure for full list of specifications):

  • Potentiostat channels:    4
  • Range settings:    ±20 pA to  ±10 mA in 2:5:10 steps
  • Input resistance:    1013 ohm
  • Maximum bandwidth:    > 10 kHz
  • Applied potential:    ±10 V maximum



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© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple website by frogwebworks
© copyright 2002 - 2024 eDAQ - data recording made simple
website by frogwebworks