ET1117  Polarographic Oxygen Electrode

ET1117 Polarographic Oxygen Electrode
ET1117 Polarographic Oxygen Electrode
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A traditional polarographic (Clark style) oxygen electrode for chemical or biological applications. The electrode must be attached to an oxygen meter/preamplifier that polarises the platinum cathode to about -0.8 V with respect to the anode while measuring the current flow. Supplied with magnetic stirbar and spare membrane.

Dissolved oxygen is reduced to hydroxide at the cathode, while the silver anode is oxidised:

                 O2 +   2H2O   +   4e     _____>      4OH

                                4Ag  +   4Cl    _____>      4AgCl   +   4e

and the resulting current is proportional to the concentration of oxygen.

  • Typical signal: 400 ± 75 nA in air saturated water at 25°C
  • Response time: 0 – 98% of full response in less than 60 s at 25°C
  • Cathode:   Platinum
  • Anode:   Silver
  • Body:   ABS plastic, 12 mm dia x 120 mm long
  • Cable length:   1 m
  • Connector:   BNC