The e-corder system and its associated software Chart and Scope has been designed to record signals typically found in Physical science applications best described as electro/mechanical

The following limitations may apply:

  • e-corder will record signals bandwidths in the range  0 – 20 kHz. The system is not capable of recording higher frequencies unless these are converted to DC levels. The maximum sampling frequency we provide is 400,000 samples/second on one channel.
  • e-corder will record voltages in the range of  10µV to 100Volts (with a 10:1 probe).  Direct measurements of higher voltages is not recommended without the use of appropriately rated and approved isolated modules.
  • e-corder will replace functions performed by chart recorders (of any speed), XY and XYY plotters and storage oscilloscopes (subject to seed constraints).
  • e-corder systems allow up to 16 input channels and up to 16 computed be recorded. Applications requiring a large number of channels are not suitable for e-coders and are best handled by multi channel data loggers.
  • e-corder systems provide system accuracies of 0.1% and with 2 point calibration can achieve accuracies close to 0.01%.  Achieving accuracies beyond this figure is not possible.
  • e-corder are designed mainly to record data.  Some control capability is provided – for example: external devices can be turned on and off as part of an experiment or an alarm raised if a variable exceeds a preset value. Generally e-corders are not designed as closed loop control systems and should not be used as such unless special software is installed.
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