ET226  Drop Counter

ET226 Drop Counter
ET226 Drop Counter
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A drop counter that features a reflective sensor that contains both an infra-red light emitting diode and a photo-transistor. As a drop passes the sensor, a TTL output signal is emitted. The drop counter connects directly to a DIN plug on an e-corder, providing a convenient way to measure and display titrant volume in relation to one or more solution parameters such as pH, conductance, or temperature.

Improves the speed and accuracy of a titration by eliminating the need to stop the addition of titrant exactly at the endpoint of a reaction. It is used in the EXP011 The pH Electrode and Potentiometric Titrations teaching note.

  • Material: Chemically resistant DelrinTM
  • Max count rate: 40 /sec
  • Power: 9 V DC
  • Output signal: TTL
  • Pulse width: 25 ms