Utilities and Tools

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Serial Port Monitor icon  Serial Port Monitor Win   v1.3.2 (13 Feb 2012)  

Utility to identify the COM port for eDAQ USB devices

Mac  n/a  
Updater software icon  USB Device Updater Win   v3.2.0 (15 Jul 2014)  

Update all USB isoPods, ER175, ER230, EU168 and MMB16 devices

Mac  n/a  
ER8x5 Converter and Updater software icon  ER8x5 Converter and Updater Win   v1.0.6 (25 Sep 2017)  

Update ER815 and ER825 devices, and convert between ES017 (application) and ES018 (serial) modes

Mac  n/a  
e-corder Drivers Icon  e-corder USB drivers Win   v2.1.0 (29 Sep 2010)  

Stand-alone installer for the e-corder USB drivers

Mac  n/a  
USB isoPod Drivers Icon FTDI USB-serial drivers Win   v2.10.00 (21 Feb 2014)  

Install the FTDI USB-serial drivers for EPU35x isoPods, ER230, EU168, ER175, and MMB16 devices.

Mac  n/a  
USB isoPod Drivers Icon  USB-serial drivers Win   v2.1.8 (8 Jun 2015)  

Install the USB-serial drivers for the EPU452, ER815, ER825, and ER430 devices.

Mac  n/a  


USB-serial drivers, for non-Windows operating systems, can be found at http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm 

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