e-corder systems with Chart software can simultaneously record signals from several vibration sensors simultaneously. A wide variety of vibration sensors are commercially available that are suitable for use with e-corder. Depending on their specifications, they may connect directly to an e-corder input, or require a signal conditioner.

four vibration signals from a slurry pump recorded with Chart software
Four vibration signals from a slurry pump recorded with Chart software.

Simple sensors, such as accelerometers, usually provide a signal that is directly related to the movement of the test object. In these cases the upper frequency of vibration that can be recorded is limited to about 20 kHz (the bandwidth of the e-corder). The Chart Spectrum command can be used to display a power spectrum (FFT) of a selected region of the signal. Vibrations in the audio range can be replayed through the computer speakers.

Other vibration sensors, such as those using non-contact fibre optic probes, often provide an analog signal that is proportional to the frequency of vibration. In this case the upper limit of frequency (sometimes hundreds of kilohertz or more) is determined by the sensor meter which is in turn connected to the e-corder.

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