Zahner COLT Extension-kit



The COLT measurement system has been designed to match the special demands of investigations on coatings and laminates.


Besides traditional electrochemical investigations supported by the Thales software package a variety of special measurements and documentation tasks can be done easily with the COLT option:

  • Layer quality test
  • D-Layer test
  • Delamination test
  • AC-DC-AC tests on coatings & laminates
  • AC-DC-AC tests on packaging materials
  • AC-DC-AC tests on coated surfaces

A cleverly devised combination of measuring cells, electrodes and auxiliary equipment, specially constructed for COLT, reduces the time needed to prepare and connect samples, allowing a high throughput of test samples.

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Coating and Laminate Tester

More Information

Download the latest information brochure about ZAHNER COLT system...
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Read more about the coating and laminate tester in "Electrochemical Applications I/98"...
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Download the latest manual add-on about ZAHNER COLT system...
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