Zahner EL300 Electronic-load



The electronic load EL300 is an one-quadrant potentiostat designed to sink currents up to 100 A at a total power of 100 W (air cooled) and up to 300 W (water cooled).


The EL-Series potentiostats are controlled by an EPC42, a plug-in module for the Electrochemical Workstations IM6 and Zennium. Each EPC42 can address up to four EL-Series potentiostats. Up to four EPC42 cards can control up to 16 ELs by one IM6/Zennium. Each potentiostat will hold the control parameters from one access to the next one, so that no potential or current disturbances can occur while scanning the potentiostats. If series measurements are performed with more than one EL-Series potentiostat, spectra are taken from all modules in a definable order. The EL-Series is completely integrated into the IM6/Zennium environment. Thus, all acquisition and analysis techniques that run on the IM6/Zennium can be applied with the EL-Series potentiostats as well. The installation of one or more EL-Series potentiostat will upgrade your IM6/Zennium to an even more versatile, high-current electrochemical workstation.

Supported methods with IM6/Zennium

Software module

Impedance spectroscopy


Simulation & model fitting


Cyclic voltammetry


Polarisation curves


Multicell multitasking voltammetry


Arbitrary current/potential/time meas.


Capacity/potential measurements


Automatic series measurements


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Operating modes


Potential range

±12 V

Potential accuracy

±0.25% / ±2 mV

Current range

0 A … 100 A

Current accuracy

±0.25 % / ±3 mA

Power dissipation

100 W @ Ta
300 W water cooled

Frequency range

10 µHz - 3 kHz @ 100 A
10 µHz - 10 kHz @ 25 A

Impedance range

1 µΩ - 1 kΩ

Ambient temperature

0 oC … 25 oC


185 x 160 x 317 mm


7.3 kg

System requirements


More Information

Download the latest brochure about ZAHNER EL101/EL300...
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Download the latest manual about ZAHNER EL101/EL300...
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