fF Probe

The femto-Farad Probe can measure very low capacitance with a resolution of 0.1 fF. Due to the transimpedance princible the fF Probe is designated for the application on two-pole objects.


The femto-Farad Probe works as a front-end to the IM6/Zennium-potentiostat. Apart from its limited current capability, all basic functionalities of the Thales software are supported. In particular impedance spectroscopy can be applied. Due to the fact, that the primary measurement magnitude is the complex impedance, besides the sample capacity, resistive and DC contributions can be determined as well.

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femto-Farad Probe


Frequency range

10 µHz to 1 MHz

Current autoranging,
defeatable current ranges

0 - ±40 nA,
±40 nA - ±400 nA,
±400 nA - ±4 µA,
±4 µA - ±40 µA

Voltage range

±4 V

Resolution of any range

18 bit

Capacitance offset

±1 fF *)

Capacitance resolution

±0.1 fF *)

Capacitance accuracy

±0.25% of reading ±2 fF *)

 *) current range ±40 nA, AC amplitude ≥ 100 mV, zero DC current

More Information

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