HiZ Probe

The HiZ probe set is specially designed for high impedance measurements and raise the input impedance up to 1000 TΩ || 1 pF.


U- and I-probe come in two small boxes which can easily be placed near by the sample. By this, electrical noise artifacts are minimized. Typical applications are investigations on passive layers, oxydes, nitrides, dielectric films, ceramic substrates, low conductive electrolytes, lacquers, coatings, microelectrodes etc.
The HiZ Probe set is connected to the Probe I and the Probe E terminals of the IM6 or Zennium. No additional hardware is needed.

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HiZ Probe


Potential range

±4 V, ±10 V

Frequency range

DC ... 1 MHz

Leakage input current @ 25°C

<10 fA (typ.)

Full scale current ranges

±1 pA to ±0.5 A in 35 ranges, automatic range selection *

Current resolution DC

±25 fA

Current resolution AC

±16 aA *

Effective input capacitance

±1 pF

Input resistance

> 1000 TΩ (typ.)


130 x 60 x 30 mm (without connectors)

* Garanteed by design. for details refer to application note "how to read specifications"

More Information

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