Zahner PAD4 Addon-card



The Zahner PAD4 is a 4-channel add-on card for Zahner Electrochemical Workstations. It introduces four additional parallel sampled signal inputs for cell voltage and impedance in fuel cell stacks and battery packs, with a common current.

The capacity of the Zahner Zennium is one PAD4-cards, supporting up to five channels, while the IM6 can be extended by up to four cards, allowing a maximum count of 17 parallel channels.


PAD4-cards are plug ’n’ play – they are detected automatically on start-up and they are integrated in the Thales impedance series measurement support. Each input can be activated individually. The PAD4 may be combined with the basic ECW or with the ECW controlling a slave potentiostat or an electronic load, finally providing tests on stacks of up to 100V / 600A / 50 KW. High resolution 18-bits-AD-converters and a wide frequency range of 10 µHz - 250KHz make this solution extremely versatile.

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PAD4 Parallel A/D Converter 4 Channel

Channels 4 individually addressable
Input voltage range ±4 V
Common mode range ±100 V
Resolution 18 bit
Input AC voltage resolution 500 nV @ 4 mV AC amplitude

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