Zahner PMUX Addon-card



The power cell multiplexer PMux can be used with the IM6/Zennium potentiostat as well as with an external potentiostat from the EL-Series, PP-Series and XPot. It can manage a cell current up to ±5 A.

There are two configurations of the PMux. The PMux-S can measure 16 individual cells compared with the PMux-P which is configured to measure 16 segmented cells for example of a fuel cell.


The PMux-S is configured for sequentially measuring through up to 16 individual cells using either the internal potentiostat of the IM6/Zennium or an external potentiostat of the PP-series or an electronic load of the EL-series.

The PMux-P is configured for sequentially measuring through up to 16 segments of a segmented fuel cell. For that application a PP-series potentiostat or an EL-series electronic load is used for loading all segments except the one which is measured. The measurement is done by the internal IM6/Zennium potentiostat. The software carries out sequential measurements through all segments of the fuel cell. With one PMux-P these are up to 16 segments. Up to 3 PMux-P modules can be stacked for a total of up to 48 segments. Both, the PP and the IM potentiostat have to be connected to the PMux-P.

Each PMux device includes a RMux addon card for controlling the cell multiplexer. This means that every PMux needs an extension slot of the IM6/Zennium.

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PMux-P Power Cell Multiplexer Segmented PMux-S Power Multiplexer Serial

  PMux-S PMux-P PMux48
Channels 16 16 32, 48
Configuration sequential segmented segmented
Max. current ±5 A ±5 A ±5 A
Control potentiostat internal/external internal/external internal/external

More Information

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