Zahner TR8M Addon-card



Transient recorder with 8 MSample up to 20 MHz. With the TR8M you can record fast pulses and transients. Together with the Pluse Probe and an external potentiostat or electronic load you can perform high current interrupt (HCI) measurements.


The hardware extension module TR8M for the Electrochemical
Workstations IM6 and IM6e is optimized for the investigation of fast
electrical events which need to be measured with a high time resolution
and fixed phases in two channels. A typical application is the
investigation of pulse and transient responses.

As soon as the module is plugged into the IM system it is detected by the Thales software. When staring the program modules PVI, Pulse or TRC located in the Time Domain menu the programming of the transient recorder is available. In PVI and Pulse the ranges and menus are extended accordingly, in TRC parameters are input directly in the
program window.

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Transient Recorder TR8M

Transient Recorder TR8M
Max. sampling rate 40 MHz one channel, 20 MHz two channels
Channels 2
Max. input voltage ±2 V (external), ±2 V (internal)
Input impedance 10 kΩ
Resolution 12 bit
Power supply outlet ±15 VDC / 50 mA
Onboard sample memory 8 MWords
Trigger modes level, slope, pre-trigger, source (internal/external)
Max. trigger level ±5 V, 60 Ω
Clock max ±5 V
Configuration by software
Dimensions 1 extension slot

More Information

Manual TR8M

Download the latest manual about ZAHNER TR8M addon card...
PDF-Document m_tr8m.pdf (PDF)

Manual HCI

Download the latest manual about ZAHNER HCI measurement...
PDF-Document m_pulse.pdf (PDF)


Read more about high current interrupt technique in "Electrochemical Applications 2002"...
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