EA162  Picostat

EA162 Picostat
EA162 Picostat


NOTE: This product is no longer available. It has been superseded by the EA362 Dual Picostat.

The Picostat is a fully software-controlled high-sensitivity potentiostat suitable for use with two (working and counter), or three (working, auxiliary and reference) electrodes. The Picostat draws DC power from the e-corder unit and can be used inside Faraday cages. Ideal for use with microelectrodes (including carbon fibers for neurochemical experiments) and low current sensors.


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  • Range settings: ±10 pA to ±100 nA
  • Input resistance: 1013 ohm
  • Maximum bandwidth: > 10 kHz
  • Applied potential: ±10 V maximum

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© copyright 2002 - 2023 eDAQ - data recording made simple website by frogwebworks
© copyright 2002 - 2023 eDAQ - data recording made simple
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