EA167  Dual Reference Adaptor

EA167 Dual Reference Adaptor
EA167 Dual Reference Adaptor
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The Dual Reference Adaptor connects to the reference electrode lead of a 3-electrode potentiostat (for example any of the eDAQ EA161, EA163, EA162, or EA164 modular potentiostats, or ER466 integrated potentiostat) and enables its use with two reference electrodes. The potentiostat becomes a 4-electrode system with one working, one counter, and two reference electrodes. Applications include measurements of currents across:

  • membranes (4-electrode voltage clamp), or
  • the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITES).

while the potentiostat controls the potential between the two reference electrodes.

Most brands of 3-electrode potentiostat are compatible. It can also be used as a general purpose high impedance differential voltmeter where the inputs are separated by a maximum of 10 V.

  • Differential Input: 10 V maximum
  • Output:  ±10 V maximum (unity gain)
  • Input impedance:   1013 ohm
  • Maximum bandwidth: 30 kHz

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