EP355  Nitric Oxide isoPod™

EP355 Nitric Oxide isoPod™
EP355 Nitric Oxide isoPod™


A compact, low noise, signal conditioner for monitoring polarographic nitric oxide electrodes. The isoPod works with most polarographic nitric oxide electrodes; more more information, see the nitric oxide research page.

Electrical isolation minimizes interference with nearby pH, conductivity, ISE and similar sensors used in multi-parametric studies.

Note that this unit must be used with an e-corder system or Integrated Potentiostat.

  • Input Socket:   BNC
  • Ranges (and resolution):
          2 nA     (625 aA),
          20 nA     (6.25 fA),
          200 nA     (62.5 fA),
          2 µA      (625 fA)
  • Zero offset:    ±2 µA
  • Polarization:    +500 to +1000 mV, 0 mV
  • Isolation:    > 250 Vrms
  • Size:   108 x 58 x 35 mm;   200 g