Nitric Oxide NO

Nitric oxide (NO) is a short-lived small gas molecule that is found in vivo where it acts as a signalling molecule. The study of nitric oxide and its derivatives is a subject of much active research.

There are several types of detectors for nitric oxide concentration that provide an analog voltage output signal compatible with e-corder. If in doubt you can ask us about specific models.

Electrochemical Method

'Clark' style polarographic electrodes and a suitable electrochemical meter are most often used for measurements in solution when continuous monitoring is required. Nitric oxide is usually oxidised to nitrate at the anode of the electrode probe. Most nitric oxide electrodes can be montored with e-corder and the:

Adjust the polarisation (poise voltage) from about +0.7 to +0.8 volts for optimum results. For examples see:

  • Real-time electrochemical detection of extracellular nitric oxide in tobacco cells exposed to cryptogein, an elicitor of defence responses. Angélique Besson-Bard, Sophie Griveau, Fethi Bediou, and David Wendehenne, Journal of Experimental Botany, 59, 3407-3414, 2008.
  • In Vivo Electrochemical Detection of Nitroglycerin-Derived Nitric Oxide in Tumor-Bearing Mice. Sophie Griveau, Johanne Seguin, Daniel Scherman, Guy G. Chabot, Fethi Bedioui, Electroanalysis, Volume 21, 631-634, 2009.

Electrodes (and meters) are made by:

Remember to ask if the meter has an analog output signal (which is suitable for connection to e-corder).

The e-corder with Chart software is used to record the signal. Non-linear, multiple point calibration of the signal is facilitated by using the Multipoint Calibration Chart extension.

The USB Nitric Oxide isoPod does not require an e-corder unit and can be used directly connected to a computer with Pod-Vu software.

Chemiluminescence Method

Chemiluminescence detectors can be use to detect nitric oxide in air or liquids. Compatible chemiluminesence analyzers are:

  • GE Analytical Instruments Sievers Nitric Oxide Analyzer
  • EcoMedics CLD 88 Analyzer. This instrument measures nitric oxide and its reaction products, nitrite, nitrate and nitrosothiols in virtually any biological fluid. Chart software with e-corder is usually the best choice for recording the signal.

Spectroscopic Method

It is also possible to determine nitric oxide concentration spectroscopically with the Eicom ENO-20 NOx analysis system. The reaction of nitric oxide with with an amine is used to produce a highly coloured molecule, the absorbance signal of which is monitored with a chromatography detector using a

Signal Analysis

If a flow analysis type system is being used to record a nitic oxide signal which comprises a series of peaks, Chart software together with the FIA Chart Extension can be used to automatically detect and calibrate peaks. Calibration by peak area or peak height is possible and there are several curve fitting functions available. Results are displayed in user configurable reports.


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