EPU160  mmb16 Event-to-Text Interface

EPU160 mmb16 Event-to-Text Interface
EPU160 mmb16 Event-to-Text Interface
  • USB connectivity
  • virtual serial port technology
  • binary events converted to human readable plain text


The eDAQ mmb16 unit is an event-to-text logger interface with a USB/virtual serial port connection.

Each unit records up to 16 event lines (TTL or contact closure events) and multiple units can be connected to the same computer. Each event can be used to trigger the output of a pre-set, user-defined, text message as a serial formatted character string over the USB interface. That is, an event takes place and the mmb6 sends out a human-readable plain text message to your computer.

The events are typically on/off, high/low, or other binary type-situations found in process control, animal behaviour, or similar experiments. For example pressing of a button to dispense a food reward is an on/off event. Other situations could be:

  • lights, on/off
  • heater, on/off
  • flow pump, high/low
  • position (eg a rat passing a point in a maze), yes/no

The mmb16 is supplied with a Chart software extension which allows easy use with e-corder 4, 8 and 16 channel systems and converts the biary events to messages which appear as 'Chart comments'. Alternatively the serial protocol can be accessed by:

  • writing your own software, for example in LabView, C#, Visual Basic, etc.
  • terminal emulation software compatible with serial (COM) ports, eg TeraTerm, HyperTerminal.
  • other serial (COM) port compatible software that can log responses into a file or Excel document, eg WinWedge, HyperAccess.


  • Inputs:                              16.
  • Event type:                       TTL or contact closure (CC)
  • TTL event detection:         Rising edge , falling edge, or pulse
  • TTL input level                 -0.1 to 5 V
  • ESD protection:                Class 3
  • Input filter:                         100 Ohm/100 nF
  • Input current:                    5 mA maximum
  • Input event indicators:      16 LED indicators on front panel
  • Input sampling rate:          10 kHz (0.1 ms)
  • Data buffering:                   Up to 1000 events
  • Communications port:        USB 2 compliant
  • Power:                                USB (5 V DC)
  • Dimensions, W x L x H:     130 x 170 x 35mm
  • Weight:                               725 g