ER230  HV Sequencer

ER230 HV Sequencer
ER230 HV Sequencer


THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. It has been superseded by the ER430 HV Sequencer.


The ER230 sequencer provides two independently controllable high voltage channels suitable for microchip electrophoresis, or electrokinetic chromatography. It can also be used a voltage source for micro reactors and mixers based on EOF pumping.

A second unit can be piggybacked on the first giving up to four high voltage channels operating on the one clock (ie all pulses are accurately synchronised).

Multiple units (or pairs of units) can be operated as virtual RS232 devices using a serial protocol over a USB connection and compatible software such as LabVIEW, WinWedge, or HyperTerminal.

Research Areas

Application Notes


  • Authenticity screening of seized whiskey samples using electrophoresis microchips coupled with contactless conductivity detection.   Kariolanda C.A. Rezende, Roger Cardoso Moreira, Lucio Paulo Lima Logrado, Marcio Talhavini and Wendell K.T. Coltro.   Electrophoresis, 37, 2891–2895, 2016.   DOI: 10.1002/elps.201600277
  • Variability of microchip capillary electrophoresis with conductivity detection.   Ratna Tantra, Kenneth Robinson, Aneta Sikora.   Electrophoresis, 2013.   DOI: 10.1002/elps.201300175
  • μTAS (micro total analysis systems) for the high-throughput measurement of nanomaterial solubility.   R Tantra, J Jarman.   Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 429, 012011, 2013.   DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/429/1/012011
  • High-voltage power supplies to capillary and microchip electrophoresis.   Lucas Blanes, Wendell Karlos Tomazelli Coltro, Renata Mayumi Saito, Amanda Van Gramberg, Claudimir Lucio do Lago, Philip Doble.  Electrophoresis, 2012. DOI: 10.1002/elps.20110049


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  • High voltage outputs: 2, SHV connectors
  • Meter inputs: 2, SHV connectors
  • Safety interlock: contact closure, BNC connector
  • Maximum voltage: ±3 kV per channel (±5 kV on special order)
  • Maximum current: 700 µA per channel
  • Output modes: OC, open circuit
                             SC, short circuit to ground (current meter)
                             HiZ, high impedance voltmeter
                             SetV, sets voltage (current and voltage reported)
  • Meter modes:   OC, open circuit
                             SC, short circuit to ground (current meter)
                             HiZ, high impedance voltmeter