SDx-T10  tethaPlate, pack of 10

SDx-T10 tethaPlate, pack of 10
SDx-T10 tethaPlate, pack of 10
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The tethaPlate™ is a 6-chamber sample holder for tethered membrane preparations. It is used in conjunction with a tethaPod or tethaPatch system for the determination of membrane conduction and studies of protein ion channels.

The working electrodes are pre-coated with tethering agent and the plate is ready for the addition of phospholipids for membrane creation. The tether/spacer ratio is normally set at 1:10. Other ratios can be supllied on special order.

The tethaPlate is delivered in two sections which are assembled with the aid of an Assembly Jig. See how to assemble a tethaPlate and make a tethered membrane in the Photos & Videos tab.


Trademarks: tethaPod, tethaPatch, tethaPlate, and tethaPlasm are trademarks of SDx Tethered Membranes Pty Ltd.



How to assemble a tethaPlate cartridge
Making a tethered membrane

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  • Sample chambers:      6
  • Tethering electrode:      gold, 3.0 x 0.7 mm (area 2.1 mm2)
  • Body:      white polycarbonate, 75 x 39 x 7 mm
  • Electrode substrate:      transparent polycarbonate, 75 x 25 x 1 mm
  • Flow channel depth:      0.15 mm
  • Loading port:      4.5 mm diameter circle, 4.5 mm deep
  • Waste port:      22 x 7.5 mm, 4.5 mm deep
  • Tethers:     benzyldisulphide-tetraethyleneglycol-monophytane
  • Spacers:    benzyldisulphide-tetraethyleneglycol
  • Tether/Spacer ratio:      1/10
  • Long term storage:   4°C
  • Usage:   0 -  45°C

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