Flow Injection Analysis (FIA)

eDAQ FIA system -  FIA Chart extension interface

Signals from FIA and similar systems can be collected with either an e-corder or PowerChrom hardware unit. Chart software together with the FIA Chart Extension are used to automatically detect and calibrate peaks. Calibration by peak area or peak height is possible and there are several curve fitting functions available. Results are displayed in user configurable reports.

The ER282 Flow Analysis System is a dedicated two-channel recorder for flow analysis techniques. It comprises a PowerChrom 280 hardware unit, Chart software, FIA Chart Extension and Event Manager Chart Extension. Event manager enables the switching of the PowerChrom's TTL outputs for triggering autosamples etc.

Suitable detectors for both the e-corder and PowerChrom units require an analog output signal up to ±10 V.

To collect FIA signals using a QuadStat, Potentiostat or other eDAQ Amp or Pod, requires an e-corder.

Other components to set up an FIA system may be sourced from:

Contactless Conductivity

The C4D (contactless conductivity detector) can be used as a detector for flow injection analysis. Installation is easy as the FIA tubing is simply fed into the ET125 General Purpose headstage. The ER225 C4D Data System is then used with the Chart software and FIA Chart Extension to record the conductivity of the solution following though the tubing. The C4D has been used with FIA for the following applications:

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