Temperature signals can be monitored with e-corder and Chart software.

There are three major types of temperature probe: thermocouples; thermistors; and RTDs (resistance temperature devices). Each type needs its own preamplifier which then provides a signal to the e-corder. However, for many applications, the size and shape of probe is usually more important than the probe type. 

blankTemperature measured with Chart software

For use with an e-corder, eDAQ offers:

or for direct connection to a computer with Pod-Vu or third-party software:

Other brands of temperature meter that provide an analog voltage signal will also be compatible with e-corder.

Available probes from eDAQ include:

In general, the smaller the probe the faster the response time. For high speed response times very fine thermocouples are usually employed. A wide variety of T-type thermocouple probes are available from Physitemp which can all be used with the Thermocouple isoPods

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