ET044  Flow Thru pH electrode

ET044 Flow Thru pH electrode
ET044 Flow Thru pH electrode
  • pH half cell: requires reference electrode in solution
  • Small internal volume
  • Suitable for biological fluids
  • Measures pH 0 - 14


A flow through pH electrode, for use with the pH/ISE isoPod with USB, pH & ISE isoPod, Quad Multi Function isoPod or Quad pH Amp. It has an internal volume of 0.8 µL and connects to 3.2 mm ID tubing.

Suitable for small volumes of biological fluids or similar aqueous solutions.

Range of measurement is pH 0 - 14 with proper calibration and flow control.

  • total length 4.3 cm    
  • lead length 2 m    
  • body (outer diameter) 8 mm    
  • cell volume (t-fitting) 0.8 ml    
  • sensitivity pH 0 to 14    
  • response time 5 to 15 seconds (dependent on flow rate, rinse etc.)  
  • "t" fitting (size) 1/8"
  • material of flow cell: polysulfone