Potentiostat Compatibility

Potentiostats suitable for use with EChem software and e-corder should have an 'external input' (for the potential waveform signal) and analog 'recorder' outputs. See also our Connecting 3rd Party Potentiostats to the e-corder wiki page.

This includes most analog potentiostats. Many older potentiostats are suitable and you can used the EChem/e-corder system to upgrade them to perform modern digital techniques.

Even if the potentiostat does not have an 'external input', it can still be used with the standard Chart and Scope software to record signals as you would with a chart recorder, XY plotter, or oscilloscope. Just make sure the potentiostat has analog 'recorder' or 'monitor' outputs.

If your potentiostat is presently used with a conventional chart recorder, XY plotter, or oscilloscope it will almost certainly be suitable for connection to e-corder.

The following list shows potentiostats from different manufacturers that are compatible with an EChem/e-corder system. If you need more information, or have a potentiostat not included here, contact us at info@edaq.com.

Many of the potentiostats in this list can also be used with the ER167 Dual Reference Adaptor (enabling 4-electrode experiments), or with the ER175 Waveform generator.

  • AMEL

    • 2049
    • 2051
    • 2053
    • 2055
  • BANK Electronik

    • Wenking potentiostats
  • BAS (Bioanalytical Systems)

    • CV-1B (not for use with EChem but can be used with Chart and Scope software to record data)
    • CV-27
    • CV-37
    • CV-47
    • Low Current Module
    • PWR-3 High Power Module
    • Petit Ampere
    • LC-44 Electrochemical Detector
  • Cypress Systems

    • Omni 90
    • Omni 101
    • CS 1000
    • EI 400
  • EMS

    • Biosensor Potentiostat
  • HEKA

    • PG28.. series of potentiostats
  • PINE Instruments

    • AFCBP1
    • AFCBP1E
    • AFRDE5
    • AFRD5E
  • Princeton Applied Research

    (formerly EG&G PAR)
    • 170
    • 173
    • 174
    • 263
    • 264
    • 362
    • 363
    • 366
    • VersaStat
    • 400 LC Detector
  • Radiometer

    • PGP201
  • Schlumberger

    • 1186
  • Sycopel

    (incorporates Thompson potentiostats)
    • CM8
    • Ministat
    • Scanning Ministat
    • Powerstat
    • Maxistat
    • AEW1
    • Raptor


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